VIP Training

Can you get your message across quickly and effectively in English? And how does your manner or choice of words affect how you come across to your hearers when making a speech?

Let’s Talk Oy provides personalised English language training, coaching and sparring designed to help you make the right impression, whether your goal is to deliver a speech, conduct a meeting or improve your elevator pitch.


Preparing a Speech in English

Writing a speech for an international audience requires more than a word-for-word translation. Profound understanding of the listeners’ culture and etiquette is key to making an impact on your audience.

We can help you prepare a speech based on your guidelines, or help you localise your message for the desired audience.


Giving a Speech in English

How you deliver your speech is at least as important as the content. We’ll help you prepare a persuasive speech and deliver it in a convincing manner. We’ll focus on three key points: pace, practice & pronunciation!

The training includes practicing in front of a live audience and receiving feedback so that you learn to speak at a natural pace that suits both you and the speech you are delivering. In addition, we deal with how to pronounce complicated terms or substitute them with alternative expressions.


International Meetings & Conferences

First impressions are very important when meeting potential customers. When preparing for an international meeting or conference, it’s important to rehearse the terminology related to your business and learn to speak fluently about relevant topics.

We offer personal and practical help that will increase your confidence both before and during an event.


Negotiating in English

Whether we like it or not, sales is all about trust and credibility; and that’s the same in any language. Added to that, in international business, negotiations are often conducted in English; so the pressure’s on!

We can help you deliver your sales pitch successfully and negotiate fluently with suppliers, thus helping you achieve your goals whether you are buying or selling.


Learn English “on the go”

Would you like to improve your English, but are too busy with a full schedule, travelling around? No problem! A native speaker of English can accompany you from meeting to meeting, making the most of all the time that usually gets wasted between appointments.

Spend a day immersed in the language, practising using your English skills in real-life situations.