Executives, Performers & Public Speakers

First impressions are usually made as soon as we enter a room, but certainly no later than when we open our mouths. Due to the variations in language and culture, we all have a slightly different personality in each of the languages we speak. With our help, you can ensure that your English ‘public persona’ is clearly understood and comes across well.

Whatever your needs, Let’s Talk Oy can develop an individualised training programme for you based on your strengths and skill level.


Personalised Consulting

Sometimes the best help you can get is a fresh perspective. Our consulting services are designed for individuals and companies who want to develop and grow. We use sparring in English as an effective method for highlighting and resolving issues.


VIP Training

A good speaker will be remembered. Good delivery is at least as important as good content, whether making a speech or being interviewed. We provide personalised English language training, including immersion courses, for public speakers and those in public life.


International Marketing & PR

Going global? International networks play a key role when gaining a foothold abroad. We can help you find the right representatives, local contacts, public relations agencies and other partners around the world.


Social Media & Press Releases

Developing and maintaining your public image, and ensuring that you come across the way you want to be received, are increasingly important in an online world.

Let us help you produce relevant marketing communications, social media content and tags in English. Our copywriting services also include help with preparing speeches and press releases.


Executive and Everyday English Courses

We offer one-to-one lessons in both general English and business English to individual students at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

By tailoring our courses to each client’s individual needs, we are able to help students prepare for specific situations such as job interviews, attending a conference or giving a speech in English.