Sales & Marketing

Let’s Talk Oy can support your sales and marketing efforts to acquire new customers in international markets in a variety of ways, using our knowledge of language and culture.

In addition to consulting, we offer a range of practical services to help you connect with international customers both at home and abroad.


Trade Fair Representation

Are you well represented at international trade fairs? Getting into discussions and making a good impression are keys to success at a trade fair.

Our job is to help you get noticed by potential customers, and make those valuable contacts! Working alongside your team at exhibitions, we are at our best in guiding visitors into in-depth conversations with the experts and specialists on your stand.


International Negotiations

Sales is all about trust, so knowledge of the language, culture and customs of your customers is particularly important, whether you are taking your expertise abroad, or welcoming international delegations visiting your own country.

We offer our professional expertise in preparing for and participating in sales negotiations. We can also accompany you into the meetings, either observing, discussing or interpreting as appropriate.


Global Marketing Support

We have an extensive network of contacts around the world, and a broad knowledge of international markets.

This, combined with our ability to understand your needs, makes us the ideal partner when looking for international advertising agencies, design companies, consultants, copywriters, or voice artists.


Reviewing Marketing Material

Producing truly effective multilingual marketing material requires more than just translation. Expectations, aspirations and humour vary a great deal; This is true even within Europe, not to mention in the vast array of Asian cultures.

International customers expect a different approach. Success in creating effective marketing material relies on an in-depth understanding of the target culture, and the ability to exploit the richness of the target language.

Contact us if credibility in international markets matters to you.


International Mystery Shoppers

Today, the work of front-line staff usually involves meeting international customers, which means companies need to provide a multilingual service. Even when employees speak relatively good English, they may not fully understand the true needs and expectations of foreign customers.

Mystery shopping is an excellent way of verifying the true level of your customer service from an international perspective. In addition to anonymous store visits, we employ a variety of techniques such as observing, assessing and reporting how your staff meet and deal with overseas customers.