International Businesses

When it comes to international business, companies need cultural and language skills to support their sales and marketing efforts. We’d be happy to discuss effective ways of introducing your brand to new markets.

From drawing up practical communication plans to looking for the right co-operation partners, at Let’s Talk Oy, we are highly experienced and passionate about helping Finnish companies enter foreign markets.


International Business Consulting

The domestic market can quickly become too small for a growing company. Many successful Nordic companies gain as much as 90% of their sales from foreign trade.

Building and exploiting networks, and having a language strategy, are steps in the right direction. However, what international business really requires is the right mind set. We can ease the challenges involved in expanding your operations into foreign markets through English language sparring and applying our expertise in change management and process development.


Individual Coaching

We can provide very personalised English language training, coaching and sparring to help you make the right impression;  whether your goal is to make a speech, conduct a meeting or improve your elevator pitch.

We can also role play situations such as negotiating with buyers and sellers in English, so you’ll be ready when the moment comes.


Sales & Marketing

Using our knowledge of language and culture, we support our clients’ efforts to acquire new customers in international markets in a variety of ways.

The range of practical support we provide includes evaluating international marketing materials, representing your company in negotiations and exhibiting as part of your team at trade fairs.


Content Creation in English

The vast majority of communication between companies still involves text or speech. Success in creating good-quality marketing materials relies on an in-depth understanding of the target culture and the ability to exploit the richness of the language.

Our copywriting services include evaluation and editing of marketing materials, editing of texts prior to translation, as well as assistance with international social media marketing.


Customer-Specific Language Training

Business is increasingly going global and for many the need to use English at work is greater than ever. Taking a language course can improve your fluency and help you avoid common mistakes, making you more relaxed when using English.

In-company training courses are tailored to the size, needs and skill level of the group. Such courses are ideally suited to engineers and office workers alike. Specialist business English courses are also available.