English Language Training

Let’s Talk Oy offers a range of general English courses to learners of all levels, as well as specialist courses to help students prepare for such situations as a job interview, attending a conference or making a speech in English.

Learning a new language and improving your language skills is a very personal experience.  We’ll aim to find the right solution for you; so whatever your needs, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you.


English Courses

We provide tailored English courses for small groups and individuals, from beginners to advanced students. Regardless of your starting level, we can improve your skills and help you become more fluent in English.

Contact us for an individually tailored training package today.


English in the Workplace

Business is increasingly going global and for many the need to use English at work is greater than ever. English language training courses make working in English easier and more relaxed.

English in the workplace courses are particularly suitable for engineers and office staff as they can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students.


English for Executives

English language sparring is a vital tool for a growing and developing company, allowing you to practice talking about your company, and learn relevant terminology in English.

Executive English courses typically involve practicing a sales talk or company presentation in English, as well as working on pronunciation and terminology. Sparring is particularly suited to startups or cleantech companies preparing a pitch.


Customer Service in English

Being able to provide good quality customer service in English is a major advantage for most companies, but especially for those serving tourists or operating globally.

In addition for focussing on fluency, our training courses for customer-facing staff also cover how to greet and serve international customers, and avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.


English for Trade Fairs

Exhibiting at an international trade fair is a great sales opportunity, as long as visitors are left with a positive impression of your company. International visitors to fairs in your own country will also appreciate your ability to talk effectively about your company’s values, objectives and services in English.

Let us help you prepare for your next fair or event with a customised intensive course in English.


Intensive Courses

We can provide intensive English courses anywhere in Finland. A qualified English teacher will visit your premises for a whole day, or even a whole week, depending on your needs. The teacher can spend the entire time with one student or group, or teach several groups and students throughout the day.

Intensive courses can be scheduled as a one-time event, or repeated at regular intervals, for example once a month. Intensive courses can also be arranged at locations outside Finland.