You need to master a language well to create effective marketing material. Copywriting in English is no exception. In fact, the widespread use of English as a second language actually enhances the impact of a well-written text in English.

Let’s Talk Oy can produce, edit and polish your English texts, as well as prepare your documents for localisation.


Copywriting & Content Creation

The vast majority of communication between companies still involves text or speech. Copywriting is content creation for marketing purposes based on either source materials or a specific concept. Good content appeals to customers and exploits the possibilities of a language.

In addition to checking correct terms and spelling, we can help you set the right tone for your desired audience.


Multilingual Marketing Material

Do you use a marketing agency to prepare your international marketing material or create it in-house? Do you worry that your message might not always get through to your international customers the way you hoped.

Small changes can make a big difference to a text. The right treatment can turn a plain text into enchanting copy. Let us help!


Pre-Translation Editing

With multilingual translation projects involving many target languages, it is often practical to start with an English source text. To achieve the best possible results when translating and localising marketing texts, the source material needs to be written in clear and simple language to avoid misunderstandings.

Before you launch your texts out into the world, let us review the material to ensure that your message gets across as you intended.


Social Media Content & Tags

Social media is a core part of any company’s marketing communications. Creating content targeted at an international audience supports a company’s domestic social media output. Despite that, many companies are reluctant to reach out to customers in a foreign language.

We help clients produce relevant social media content and tags in English, either directly or in cooperation with advertising agencies. A good knowledge of the target language and culture are prerequisites for producing effective social media communications.