Let’s Talk Oy provides consulting services to companies and individuals with a desire to change, develop or grow. The aim as with all our services is to help clients advance and improve in line with their own outlook and objectives.

Sometimes the best help a person can get is a fresh perspective. Whether your biggest challenge is increasing sales, implementing change, or simply staying afloat, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved together.


Going Global

Are you interested in expanding your business internationally? There are a vast number of potential markets available for exporting all manner of products and services abroad.

Establishing networks and adopting a language strategy are steps in the right direction, but what internationalisation requires most is the right mind set. We can help you meet the challenges involved in internationalisation.


Developing a Language Strategy

Studies show that developing and implementing a language strategy improve a company’s performance in international markets.

Which languages should you include on your website? Are you recruiting international talent? Do your employees need help serving international customers? Contact us for help and advice with these and all other language matters.


Sparring in English

We offer an individually tailored consulting service that allows you to practice speaking English while simultaneously learning to talk about your company, career and business in general.

Come and have a conversation in English in a relaxed sparring environment! Let’s talk about things that are important to you, and develop your English skills at the same time.


Change Management

Change in a company can be a demanding and time-consuming process. Growth and development are positive aims, but they almost always involve challenges. To avoid unnecessary problems, change has to be carefully planned and controlled.

Sometimes an external consultant is the best person to recognise the need for change and also the best person to implement it in practice. Let us help!


Process Development

Analysing, defining and developing a process often begins with identifying the need for change. A well-implemented development project usually results in more efficient work.

In addition to providing consulting advice on how to develop and implement processes, we can also participate in practical development work when required.


Database Management

Are you planning to develop a proprietary data management system for your company? We offer our consulting expertise in working with software engineers to design a functional and user-friendly data management system.

We can also help manage databases. We provide practical help with implementing new tools and systems, both commercially available and bespoke; including solving the challenges arising from transferring and editing existing databases.